How to Use Video to Train Employees on New Equipment and Procedures

Training new employees on equipment and procedures can be a challenging and time-consuming process. It often involves a lot of explanation and demonstration, and there’s always the risk that important information will be missed or forgotten. But what if there was a way to ensure that every employee received consistent and thorough training, without requiring a lot of extra time and resources? That’s where video comes in.

Video is a powerful tool for training employees on new equipment and procedures. Here are just a few of the ways that video can help:

  • Consistency: With video, you can ensure that every employee receives the same information and training, without any variation in delivery or content.
  • Flexibility: Video training can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. Employees can watch the videos on their own time, which means less disruption to their regular work schedule.
  • Efficiency: Video training is often faster than in-person training, since it eliminates the need for a trainer to be present for every session.
  • Retention: Video is a visual medium, which means that it’s often easier for employees to remember what they’ve learned.

    To effectively train employees on new equipment and procedures using videos, it is important to plan ahead by creating a clear script or outline and gathering necessary equipment and props. Avoid overwhelming viewers by breaking down information into smaller, manageable chunks. Using visuals and animations to illustrate key points is highly recommended. To keep the video engaging, variety in shots, camera angles, and incorporating music or sound effects where appropriate is necessary. Before making the video available to all employees, it is advisable to have a few people watch it and provide feedback to make any necessary improvements.

      By keeping these suggestions in consideration, you can produce impactful and captivating training videos that will facilitate your staff to comprehend new tools and processes rapidly and proficiently. If you’re prepared to begin, reach out to us at (647) 636-5147 for further information on how we can assist you in generating exceptional training videos that will have a significant impact on your enterprise.







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